Snarky Press

There’s a new piece in the UK Guardian about “book doulas.” Is this a thing or is a marketing gimmick, the piece asks, and the internet being what it is, the skeptics are out in force. Ten years ago I left my day-job as a Communications Director for non-profits and dove into the challenge of […]


  Van Jones is working on a new bold, game-changing strategy to transform the lives of America’s urban youth. Imagine 100,000 or 500,000 ‘Mark Zuckerberg’s’ –who look just like Trayvon Martin. “Trayvon Martin’s hoodie was seen as a justification for his murder,” says Van.  “But billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wears hoodies — and nobody shoots […]

TEDx Berlin, Part I

“Don’t think about talking to the whole room, to a thousand people. There is one person in that audience who needs to hear you. Talk to them.” That was Van Jones‘ advice to me, to quell my jitters. Apparently I reached the one, because she came right up to me after it was over. Then there […]

Luminous Van Jones on CNN

Van Jones on Crossfire: “We need to model passionate debate between people who respect each other.. Americans need to see people who are honestly trying to learn from each other, even as we make our own points powerfully and fight for our own values and policies.”