OuiShare Fest Edition#4: After the Gold Rush

Hard to believe it’s been 4 years since I got involved with the OuiShare community and attended the very first OuiShare Fest (thanks to a tip from Annie Leonard). I wrote about that magical first Fest here. Then, at the second Fest, I spoke about Leadership , sharing the secrets I’ve learned from the superheroes […]

One I Watch: Michel Bauwens

A mainstay in my OuiShare community, Michel Bauwens, peer-to-peer movement pioneer and founder of the P2P Foundation, remains virtually unknown to my people in the US, despite obvious potential synergy. I think that’s because his presentations are generally complex, more grey than black and white, and he sounds like, well, a French theoretician. Go figure. […]

Invention Literacy

Wonderful post by Jay Silver on the true potential of the Maker Movement… echoing the themes of participation, agency, and claiming our power/responsibility that I touched on in my essay about the 5-week “Proof of Concept” ecohacker experience. My favorite part is the bit about what he terms “Invention Literacy”… when we understand we can […]

The People’s Uber

From this piece (boom!) by New School Professor Trebor Scholtz. “What I call platform cooperativism is about experimentation with ownership; governance; and flexible, fair, and dignified digital work, as well as new forms of solidarity. It is about multi-stakeholder cooperatives, inventive unions, public infrastructure, worker associations, and cooperatives building their own labor platforms rooted not […]

On Accelerationism

“The passion that accelerationism mobilises is the remembrance by the people that a future is possible. In disparate fields — from politics to art to design to biology to philosophy — people are working through how to create a world that is liberated from capitalist incentives. Perhaps most promisingly, the classic dream of Keynes and Marx for the reduction of work […]

Paul Mason on Collaborative Production..

.. as key to the PostCapitalism he heralds in his new book of that name (out next week with Penguin). From his recent teaser piece in The Guardian: Collaborative production, using network technology to produce goods and services that only work when they are free, or shared, defines the route beyond the market system. It […]

One I Watch: Alexa Clay

I met Alexa last May at OuiShare Fest, where she was presenting some of her research and ideas from her forthcoming book, The Misfit Economy. 60% of the world’s economy, she says, is on the fringe, informal, and “not strictly legal.” To that end she’s been taking notes from street gangs, hackers, drug dealers, hippies, […]

Circulation, not hoarding

In nature, headlong growth and all-out competition are features of immature ecosystems, followed by complex interdependency, symbiosis, cooperation, and the cycling of resources. The next stage of human economy will parallel what we are beginning to understand about nature. It will call forth the gifts of each of us; it will emphasize cooperation over competition; […]