Two Teenage Girls

At last week’s TEDx Women in Berlin there were two 14 year old girls who got on stage to talk about a project they were doing in their school to encourage girls to do what they want to do, look how they want to look, (as opposed to doing, and looking, how anyone else says […]

TEDx Berlin, Part II

Last weekend’s TEDx Berlin, with the theme The City 2.0, reminded me of a double-decker Oreo. Bookending the conference were outstanding, hefty intellectual presentations from architects Kai-Uwe Bergmann and Carlo Ratti, with the middle held down by the equally rigorous, if further-into-the-future futuristic, talk by urban planner/architect Mitch Joachim. All their visions of future cities […]

TEDx Berlin, Part I

“Don’t think about talking to the whole room, to a thousand people. There is one person in that audience who needs to hear you. Talk to them.” That was Van Jones‘ advice to me, to¬†quell my jitters. Apparently I reached the one, because she came right up to me after it was over. Then there […]