OuiShare Fest Edition#4: After the Gold Rush

Hard to believe it’s been 4 years since I got involved with the OuiShare community and attended the very first OuiShare Fest (thanks to a tip from Annie Leonard). I wrote about that magical first Fest here. Then, at the second Fest, I spoke about Leadership , sharing the secrets I’ve learned from the superheroes […]

One I Watch: Michel Bauwens

A mainstay in my OuiShare community, Michel Bauwens, peer-to-peer movement pioneer and founder of the P2P Foundation, remains virtually unknown to my people in the US, despite obvious potential synergy. I think that’s because his presentations are generally complex, more grey than black and white, and he sounds like, well, a French theoretician. Go figure. […]

Meanwhile, in what we once called the Sharing Economy..

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted much about the collaborative economy, aka the sharing economy, in a while..  on account of my disappointment that what I heralded in my TEDx Berlin talk was not coming to pass: better distribution of resources, an abundance-based economic paradigm as opposed to a scarcity/competitive model; the connection and […]

Share Fails

Not every sharing start-up is a good idea. A sharing magazine I follow just wrote up this newish app/service called Easynest, which enables people to split hotel rooms. With strangers. So I checked out their site. And I don’t like it, not one bit. The press (NY Times! HuffPo. Etc.) has already noted some of […]

We are learning…

We are learning, against all of the prevailing wisdom, that human nature is not to seek autonomy–to become an island to oneself–but rather, to seek companionship, affection, and intimacy. From Jeremy Rifkin’s life-affirming book The Empathic Civilization.