Meanwhile, in what we once called the Sharing Economy..

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted much about the collaborative economy, aka the sharing economy, in a while..  on account of my disappointment that what I heralded in my TEDx Berlin talk was not coming to pass: better distribution of resources, an abundance-based economic paradigm as opposed to a scarcity/competitive model; the connection and… Read More Meanwhile, in what we once called the Sharing Economy..

Nuanced examination of Sharing

By Adam Parsons on open  The business community may be enthusing about the immense market size and profitability of the big corporate players that espouse sharing as part of their brand identity, but not everyone is convinced that the sharing economy is living up to its visionary rhetoric and aspirations. Far from promoting communitarian values, providing… Read More Nuanced examination of Sharing

The Sharing Universe is Booming

Great new story on “October [2013] was a particularly fruitful month. The New Economy Coalition hosted New Economy Week; Peers took a first step toward building its community with its Dinner with Peers project; Shareable launched our worldwide Map Jam to map all the sharing services in cities around the world; OuiShare hit the road with its OuiShare Europe Tour, visiting 30 cities in two months;… Read More The Sharing Universe is Booming