The Long Game: Reflections on OuiShare Fest 2016

I’m just back from this year’s OuiShare Fest, the annual gathering focused on social and economic innovations that are collaborative, decentralized, and open-source. This year’s theme was After the Gold Rush, reflecting the post-euphoric, sobered-up state many of us found ourselves in, as the reality of exploitative business-as-usual stomped on our idealistic Sharing Economy. Several […]

Invention Literacy

Wonderful post by Jay Silver on the true potential of the Maker Movement… echoing the themes of participation, agency, and claiming our power/responsibility that I touched on in my essay about the 5-week “Proof of Concept” ecohacker experience. My favorite part is the bit about what he terms “Invention Literacy”… when we understand we can […]

Generosity is no substitute for justice

Before I became the Book Doula, I spent about a decade working as a fundraiser– a Development Director– for nonprofits, with my final four years spent raising money for a foundation that grappled with, and attempted to solve, the dysfunctional dynamics in philanthropy. Taped at the top of my screen was the quote from Dr. […]

Paul Mason on Collaborative Production..

.. as key to the PostCapitalism he heralds in his new book of that name (out next week with Penguin). From his recent teaser piece in The Guardian: Collaborative production, using network technology to produce goods and services that only work when they are free, or shared, defines the route beyond the market system. It […]

One I Watch: Robin Chase

Already awesome when I met her at last year’s OuiShare Fest –as the founder of Zipcar, which revolutionized the way we conceive of and achieve mobility for city-dwellers, and then Veniam, the technology behind a massive ‘network of moving things’ that can connect any vehicle, like a city bus or a garbage truck, to the internet, […]

One I Watch: Spain’s Robin Hood, Enric Duran

…there were certain benefits to organizing as a cooperative. The Spanish government normally exacts a hefty self-employment tax for independent workers—on the order of about $315 per month, plus a percentage of income—but if one can claim one’s work as taking place within a cooperative, the tax doesn’t apply. Amid the cascading crisis, people were […]

Excerpts from Coming to Our Senses

How birthing takes place matters; how infants are raised matters; having a rich and active dream life matters. Animals matter, and so does ontological security and the magic of personal interaction and healthy and passionate sexual expression. Career and prestige and putting a good face on it and the newest fashion in art or science […]