Storytelling in Sapiens

Late to the party… Still, I thought I’d share this bit from the book that “everyone” was reading last year, seeing as it relates to my work in the world: How did Homo sapiens manage to cross this critical threshold [150 individuals], eventually founding cities comprising tens of thousands of inhabitants and empires ruling hundreds […]

Excerpts from Coming to Our Senses

How birthing takes place matters; how infants are raised matters; having a rich and active dream life matters. Animals matter, and so does ontological security and the magic of personal interaction and healthy and passionate sexual expression. Career and prestige and putting a good face on it and the newest fashion in art or science […]

We the Champions

Every day, in every interaction, each of us has an opportunity to build the new foundational narrative of life, or cosmology– that is, the story that answers our deepest, most central questions like: What is Life For? Why are we Here? This is the same story that shapes all our institutions including our economic system, […]

The Abundance Vortex

Before leaving on my spectacular (rideshared) roadtrip to Paris for the OuiShare Fest (more about that soon), I had the chance to meet and hear the philosopher Charles Eisenstein speak. I’ve posted about Charles before; his book Sacred Economics has been a major source of inspiration. At the event, someone asked him: what is your role? […]