A new baby: Free to Make

I met Dale Dougherty at the very first OuiShare Fest back in May 2013, where his heartfelt way of talking about the human aspects of making moved me to tears. Fast forward three years, when this baby arrives on the scene. The book is packed with stories of the quirky, playful world of makers. It’s […]

POC21 Offspring

POC21 projects Faircap and Sunzilla and Showerloop have had a baby: a solar-powered water-purification plant that fits in a backpack and can filter enough water for 100 people. Man, I am so proud to know these people.

Watch the POC21 Documentary

Kudos to Filmmaker Sam Muirhead. POC21 is an international innovation community that started as a 5-week camp in the summer of 2015. The camp brought together 100+ makers, designers, engineers, scientists and geeks in a stunning French castle to prototype a fossil free, zero waste society. Our goal was to make open-source, sustainable solutions to […]

Invention Literacy

Wonderful post by Jay Silver on the true potential of the Maker Movement… echoing the themes of participation, agency, and claiming our power/responsibility that I touched on in my essay about the 5-week “Proof of Concept” ecohacker experience. My favorite part is the bit about what he terms “Invention Literacy”… when we understand we can […]

A Visit to Maker Faire Berlin

First ever Maker Faire in the German capital last weekend. My visit was cut short by the onset of a superflu… but I managed to catch a fashion show, wander past the myriad booths, and talk with the creators of: Vai Kai, pairs of wooden dolls that interact with one another (for example, on one […]

Proof of Concept 21 (POC21): !Ya basta!

The Conference of the Parties (COP) is the UN’s annual meeting on climate change, and the upcoming one in December, to be held in Paris, will be the 21st such meeting. After 20 years of these meetings, worldwide CO2 emissions have doubled. Enough already, said a group of smartypants. Instead of Conference of Parties, they […]

One I Watch: Dale Dougherty

“More than mere consumers of technology, we are makers, adapting technology to our needs and integrating it into our lives. Some of us are born makers and others, like me, become makers almost without realizing it.”- from this nice piece in Fast Company

Meanwhile, in what we once called the Sharing Economy..

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted much about the collaborative economy, aka the sharing economy, in a while..  on account of my disappointment that what I heralded in my TEDx Berlin talk was not coming to pass: better distribution of resources, an abundance-based economic paradigm as opposed to a scarcity/competitive model; the connection and […]