Becoming Prophetic

Feeling this, from this piece On Being: Endurance is what it takes to become prophetic. Like many of these startling Medieval women, an increasing number of us never had children. Or among those who did, those children are becoming independent beings. So the wild swing of changes in this decade can go two ways. We […]

Doula metaphors

Every now and then I get an email from someone who says they were thinking about the book they’ve always wanted to write, and suddenly they had this inspiration that what they needed was a “book doula,” and then they googled it, and– oh amazing happenstance– they find that such a thing actually exists, and […]

Daily Rituals

“Creative Routines” at Info We Trust. (Data from Mason Currey’s book Daily Rituals.) My most usual schedule is most like Maya Angelou’s– though I don’t need to go to a hotel/ motel to work. And you? It’s comforting to see how wildly productive one can be in all kinds of formats, with all kinds of quirks.