Meanwhile, in what we once called the Sharing Economy..

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted much about the collaborative economy, aka the sharing economy, in a while..  on account of my disappointment that what I heralded in my TEDx Berlin talk was not coming to pass: better distribution of resources, an abundance-based economic paradigm as opposed to a scarcity/competitive model; the connection and […]

The Sharing Universe is Booming

Great new story on “October [2013] was a particularly fruitful month. The New Economy Coalition hosted New Economy Week; Peers took a first step toward building its community with its Dinner with Peers project; Shareable launched our worldwide Map Jam to map all the sharing services in cities around the world; OuiShare hit the road with its OuiShare Europe Tour, visiting 30 cities in two months; […]

Share Fails

Not every sharing start-up is a good idea. A sharing magazine I follow just wrote up this newish app/service called Easynest, which enables people to split hotel rooms. With strangers. So I checked out their site. And I don’t like it, not one bit. The press (NY Times! HuffPo. Etc.) has already noted some of […]