One I Watch: Alanna Krause Irving

I met Alanna at POC21 (Proof of Concept 21, about which I wrote here), where her clear, accessible and passionate way of talking about technology immediately set her apart. Alanna was presenting Loomio, a platform that enables collaboration and decision-making among large numbers of people who may or may not be in the same space.  […]

The Long Game: Reflections on OuiShare Fest 2016

I’m just back from this year’s OuiShare Fest, the annual gathering focused on social and economic innovations that are collaborative, decentralized, and open-source. This year’s theme was After the Gold Rush, reflecting the post-euphoric, sobered-up state many of us found ourselves in, as the reality of exploitative business-as-usual stomped on our idealistic Sharing Economy. Several […]

OuiShare Fest Edition#4: After the Gold Rush

Hard to believe it’s been 4 years since I got involved with the OuiShare community and attended the very first OuiShare Fest (thanks to a tip from Annie Leonard). I wrote about that magical first Fest here. Then, at the second Fest, I spoke about Leadership , sharing the secrets I’ve learned from the superheroes […]

Paul Mason on Collaborative Production..

.. as key to the PostCapitalism he heralds in his new book of that name (out next week with Penguin). From his recent teaser piece in The Guardian: Collaborative production, using network technology to produce goods and services that only work when they are free, or shared, defines the route beyond the market system. It […]

One I Watch: Robin Chase

Already awesome when I met her at last year’s OuiShare Fest –as the founder of Zipcar, which revolutionized the way we conceive of and achieve mobility for city-dwellers, and then Veniam, the technology behind a massive ‘network of moving things’ that can connect any vehicle, like a city bus or a garbage truck, to the internet, […]

Proof of Concept 21 (POC21): !Ya basta!

The Conference of the Parties (COP) is the UN’s annual meeting on climate change, and the upcoming one in December, to be held in Paris, will be the 21st such meeting. After 20 years of these meetings, worldwide CO2 emissions have doubled. Enough already, said a group of smartypants. Instead of Conference of Parties, they […]

Meanwhile, in what we once called the Sharing Economy..

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted much about the collaborative economy, aka the sharing economy, in a while..  on account of my disappointment that what I heralded in my TEDx Berlin talk was not coming to pass: better distribution of resources, an abundance-based economic paradigm as opposed to a scarcity/competitive model; the connection and […]

Copass: The world is your oyster-office.

I encountered this spirited group of schemers at OuiShare Fest 2014. Hard to miss, they were, in their royal blue jumpsuits. They are COPASS, creators of a network of several hundred inspiring co-working spaces all over the world, where you pay a monthly fee that allows you to just show up and work in any of them. Perfect […]