We the Champions

Every day, in every interaction, each of us has an opportunity to build the new foundational narrative of life, or cosmology– that is, the story that answers our deepest, most central questions like: What is Life For? Why are we Here? This is the same story that shapes all our institutions including our economic system, […]

Nuanced examination of Sharing

By Adam Parsons on open democracy.net  The business community may be enthusing about the immense market size and profitability of the big corporate players that espouse sharing as part of their brand identity, but not everyone is convinced that the sharing economy is living up to its visionary rhetoric and aspirations. Far from promoting communitarian values, providing […]

The Abundance Vortex

Before leaving on my spectacular (rideshared) roadtrip to Paris for the OuiShare Fest (more about that soon), I had the chance to meet and hear the philosopher Charles Eisenstein speak. I’ve posted about Charles before; his book Sacred Economics has been a major source of inspiration. At the event, someone asked him: what is your role? […]

On Occupy Love

It seems so long ago, OWS. So it was moving to see Velcrow Ripper’s footage from the midst of things: from Tahrir Square, from the rainy October night at Zucotti when everyone grabbed brooms and cleaned the plaza after the landlords had claimed unsanitary conditions; from the vicious night in Oakland when Iraq War veteran Scott […]

Circulation, not hoarding

In nature, headlong growth and all-out competition are features of immature ecosystems, followed by complex interdependency, symbiosis, cooperation, and the cycling of resources. The next stage of human economy will parallel what we are beginning to understand about nature. It will call forth the gifts of each of us; it will emphasize cooperation over competition; […]