Doula metaphors

Every now and then I get an email from someone who says they were thinking about the book they’ve always wanted to write, and suddenly they had this inspiration that what they needed was a “book doula,” and then they googled it, and– oh amazing happenstance– they find that such a thing actually exists, and […]

Another review of The Age of Dignity in In These Times

My favorite bit: We need to think bigger. Poo envisions a network she calls the “Care Grid,” a metaphor drawn from transformative infrastructure projects like the interstate highway system. The grid would unite “public, private and non-profit resources” to build “a comprehensive coordinated system in which elders can age with dignity and their caregivers, both […]

Excerpt from The Age of Dignity

My father’s father, Liang Shao Pu, lived to the age of 93. A lifelong student and then teacher of tai chi and a diehard Wheel of Fortune fan, he had a slow, deep‑throated laugh that never failed to infect my sister and me, sending us into spasms of giggles. After moving from Taiwan to the […]

Fan Letter for The Story of Stuff book

There is little that’s more gratifying than getting a long passionate letter from a reader saying that the book you (co-)wrote changed her life. Annie Leonard, whose book The Story of Stuff it was my absolute honor to work on, got such a letter from a student in Costa Rica the other day: I’ve been reading […]

Slippers that did not quite fit

How exactly to describe the role I take with my clients? That was the question I put to my Brain Trust as I created my new website. Today my work goes beyond editorial consulting and ghostwriting (spiritwriting!) with/for thoughtleaders, and includes offering my perspective on their brand, messages, leadership challenges, opportunities and organizational strategies. Plus […]