The Long Game: Reflections on OuiShare Fest 2016

I’m just back from this year’s OuiShare Fest, the annual gathering focused on social and economic innovations that are collaborative, decentralized, and open-source. This year’s theme was After the Gold Rush, reflecting the post-euphoric, sobered-up state many of us found ourselves in, as the reality of exploitative business-as-usual stomped on our idealistic Sharing Economy. Several… Read More The Long Game: Reflections on OuiShare Fest 2016

*Excellent* analysis of the Sharing Economy

READ the full piece from Share the World’s Resources HERE. Some of my favorite bits, below: Many “see the sharing economy as a path towards achieving widespread prosperity within the earth’s natural limits, and an essential first step on the road to more localised economies and egalitarian societies. But far from everyone perceives that participating in… Read More *Excellent* analysis of the Sharing Economy

The Sharing Universe is Booming

Great new story on “October [2013] was a particularly fruitful month. The New Economy Coalition hosted New Economy Week; Peers took a first step toward building its community with its Dinner with Peers project; Shareable launched our worldwide Map Jam to map all the sharing services in cities around the world; OuiShare hit the road with its OuiShare Europe Tour, visiting 30 cities in two months;… Read More The Sharing Universe is Booming