Taking the Golden Globes..

Among the 8 advocates&activists for gender justice who accompanied 8 #Timesup actresses to the Golden Globes last night was Ai-jen Poo, defender of domestic workers, and author of The Age of Dignity.

The Carers Speak

“I bring love and greetings from domestic workers, home care workers and family caregivers around the world who are marching today. We are the unsung heroines who help care for the most precious parts of our lives — our children, our aging loved ones, our loved ones with disabilities, and our homes. Many of us are immigrants […]

Another review of The Age of Dignity in In These Times

My favorite bit: We need to think bigger. Poo envisions a network she calls the “Care Grid,” a metaphor drawn from transformative infrastructure projects like the interstate highway system. The grid would unite “public, private and non-profit resources” to build “a comprehensive coordinated system in which elders can age with dignity and their caregivers, both […]

Excerpt from The Age of Dignity

My father’s father, Liang Shao Pu, lived to the age of 93. A lifelong student and then teacher of tai chi and a diehard Wheel of Fortune fan, he had a slow, deep‑throated laugh that never failed to infect my sister and me, sending us into spasms of giggles. After moving from Taiwan to the […]

Genius is Recognized

Ai-jen Poo, author of a forthcoming book with the Book Doula called The Age of Dignity, just received a hugely-deserved huge honor: one of 2014’s “Genius” awards from the MacArthur Foundation. “It’s true that ‘It takes a village’ to raise a child, but it’s also true that it takes a village to take care of […]