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The Long Game: Reflections on OuiShare Fest 2016

I’m just back from this year’s OuiShare Fest, the annual gathering focused on social and economic innovations that are collaborative, decentralized, and open-source. This year’s theme was After the Gold … Continue reading

May 26, 2016 · 2 Comments

OuiShare Fest Edition#4: After the Gold Rush

Hard to believe it’s been 4 years since I got involved with the OuiShare community and attended the very first OuiShare Fest (thanks to a tip from Annie Leonard). I … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday OuiShare

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One I Watch: Janine Benyus

I met Janine years ago at a Biomimicry fundraiser in San Francisco. She struck me as brilliant yet humble. Bloomberg just did this beautifully clear short video on her during … Continue reading

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POC21 Offspring

POC21 projects Faircap and Sunzilla and Showerloop have had a baby: a solar-powered water-purification plant that fits in a backpack and can filter enough water for 100 people. Man, I … Continue reading

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One I Watch: Taiye Selasi

I got to meet this force of nature at a TED salon in Berlin last year. In a crowd–and a city–that clothes itself entirely in shades of black, she wore … Continue reading

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One I Watch: Michel Bauwens

A mainstay in my OuiShare community, Michel Bauwens, peer-to-peer movement pioneer and founder of the P2P Foundation, remains virtually unknown to my people in the US, despite obvious potential synergy. … Continue reading

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The Lost Waters of Cape Town

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Radical Care

“The most anti-capitalist protest is to care for another and to care for yourself. To take on the historically feminized and therefore invisible practice of nursing, nurturing, caring. To take … Continue reading

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Straw into gold

The New York Times columnist David Brooks (whose writing about resume values vs. eulogy values pleased me) recently read Find Me Unafraid (the most recent Book Doula-supported baby!) In this … Continue reading

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