Taking the Golden Globes..

Among the 8 advocates&activists for gender justice who accompanied 8 #Timesup actresses to the Golden Globes last night was Ai-jen Poo, defender of domestic workers, and author of The Age of Dignity.


Powerfully articulated by Rose McGowan, on the danger & potency of consuming products of Hollywood, where 96% of directors & 89% of writers are MEN, and 87% are White: My fight affects you in ways you may not be aware of. The images and messages you have absorbed from the MONSTER come from HIS taste, […]

The Carers Speak

“I bring love and greetings from domestic workers, home care workers and family caregivers around the world who are marching today. We are the unsung heroines who help care for the most precious parts of our lives — our children, our aging loved ones, our loved ones with disabilities, and our homes. Many of us are immigrants […]

A new baby: Free to Make

I met Dale Dougherty at the very first OuiShare Fest back in May 2013, where his heartfelt way of talking about the human aspects of making moved me to tears. Fast forward three years, when this baby arrives on the scene. The book is packed with stories of the quirky, playful world of makers. It’s […]

Literary Peace Prize Nominee

How lovely to hear that this Book Doula-assisted baby has been nominated for the Dayton Literary Peace Prize, honoring the power of the written word to promote peace. In their words: “Find Me Unafraid is a protest anthem cloaked in a love song.” It was nominated alongside Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates! […]

Straw into gold

The New York Times columnist David Brooks (whose writing about resume values vs. eulogy values pleased me) recently read Find Me Unafraid (the most recent Book Doula-supported baby!) In this column he writes about the awe he feels for the man Kennedy Odede is today–radiant, joyful and powerful–given the great suffering Kennedy endured growing up […]

Another Birth!

It has been an incredible honor to play a small role in birthing this story of love and triumph by Kennedy Odede & Jessica Posner Odede. This baby arrives October 13, 2015, but can be pre-ordered today. Hint, hint.

One I Watch: Dale Dougherty

“More than mere consumers of technology, we are makers, adapting technology to our needs and integrating it into our lives. Some of us are born makers and others, like me, become makers almost without realizing it.”- from this nice piece in Fast Company