Ursula’s Tentacles

“Don’t shove me into your pigeonhole, where I don’t fit, because I’m all over. My tentacles are coming out of the pigeonhole in all directions.” …We talked about the usefulness of whispering one’s writing aloud when revising, and how it somehow functioned better than reading at a normal volume, when trying to get the music […]

Doula Shoptalk

Alongside her work as a facilitator, futurist, and author, adrienne maree brown (about whom I wrote more here) is also a birth doula, for babies. In Emergent Strategy she writes: Birthwork teaches us to engage tension, but not to indulge drama. It is another form of facilitation, making the miraculous experience of birth as easy […]

False Idols

Alongside the church of the “start-up”–a term I recall used only in connection with lawnmowers, once upon a time not so long ago– another sect I’m totally over are the acolytes of “productivity,” with their tomato timer rituals and delusions of control. Productivity is not the measure of our self-worth, people. Meanwhile, by Living like […]

We the Champions

Every day, in every interaction, each of us has an opportunity to build the new foundational narrative of life, or cosmology– that is, the story that answers our deepest, most central questions like: What is Life For? Why are we Here? This is the same story that shapes all our institutions including our economic system, […]

Best Show in Town: Mother Nature

Long walks in the woods with M.   Attention to how the dirt yields under my steps, the whiff of decay from accumulating leaves, the splashes of horse chestnuts lobbing themselves into the lake. I revel in my body, appreciating coordination, the ease where pain has been before, grace. In soft focus, on the back […]

Redefining work

To and around my secret lake is about three miles roundtrip. Sometimes we’re silent as we walk, taking in the morning’s glory, sometimes we’re talking. In the home stretch, my client consults his phone for the time. “I thought we were going to get to work so early this morning given how early it was […]