One I Watch: Francesca Pick

chessI’ve mentioned Francesca before, here after returning from OuiShare Fest 2016, where she and I led a session on Sharing Grief and Loss, and here, quoting her powerful 2014 interview with Sharing Economy thoughtleader Rachel Botsman.

It’s no surprise to any of us who observed her holding the entire 15-country OuiShare network together with few resources beyond the force of her passion, her excellent listening and empathy (not praise I give lightly, or to many)… still, it’s thrilling that she’s one of the Fellows in the inuagural Edmund Hillary Fellowship. EHF introduces her:

A catalyst and cross-pollinator, Francesca’s passion for distributed non-hierarchical networks and organisations stems from her desire to move away from the Silicon Valley ideal of the “hero-preneneur”. Valuing the collective above the individualistic, she is motivated to help build a new narrative, going beyond categorisation and labels like “social entrepreneurship”, and breaking the dichotomy of having to choose between doing business or tackling the world’s problems.


Just for fun, here’s the two of us on Halloween 2015, Zebra-Francesca on the right.

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