One I Watch: Taiye Selasi

I got to meet this force of nature at a TED salon in Berlin last year. In a crowd–and a city–that clothes itself entirely in shades of black, she wore a yolk-yellow skirt.

I promptly tracked down her novel Ghana Must Go–stunning–from which I saved you this morsel:

And what happens to daughters whose mothers betray them? They don’t become huggable…giggly,adorable… They grow shells. Become hardened. They stop being girls. Though they look like girls and act like girls and flirt like girls and kiss like girls–really, they’re generals, commandos at war, riding out at first light to preempt further strikes. With an army behind them, their talents their horsemen, their brilliance and beauty and anything else they may have at their disposal dispatched into battle to capture the castle, to bring back the Honor. Of course it doesn’t work. For they burn down the village in search of the safety they lost every time…Desired and admired and alone in their tents, where they weep through the night. In the morning they ride, and boys see them coming. And think my, what brilliant and beautiful girls. Hearts broken, blood spilled. Riding on, seeking vengeance. This is a most curious twist in the plot: that the vengeance they seek is the love of another, a mother-like lover who will not betray.

And then, TED released this.


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