Gratitudegiving from David Hale



Artist David Hale made my list of One I Watch some time back, and since receiving his Thanksgiving email yesterday I’m moved to share this part of it with my world (you’re welcome!):

The process of making and sharing art is a lot like dying.  Like a deep exhale, trusting that air will inevitably fill your lungs again.  I am told that my Heart resides somewhere in my chest, but I often feel it coursing through my hands, the tendrils of its Being then spread across paper or skin; and then my Heart is in my eyes giving vision to that great Divine.  I am not brave because of the fears that I confront, I am brave because I choose to Love, and in doing so there are fears I must confront.  I fail, everything I make is a failure; I always get in the way of Pure Spirit, but I always try again because this is my way of asking for Forgiveness.  I see that we are all on this journey together, terrified and failing; and yet there is something that we can offer here.  So I choose to make things, most often with my hands, for they most often seem most able to do the work of the Divine and my Heart has many channels to my fingers.  Every time, every single time, it feels like dying, and so I do it again and again, because we all die into Love that is without condition.  By doing this we are creating Love.

I am aware that these things I make are an act of destruction,  all the paper and flesh I have destroyed to be recreated into something new.  So what makes this Creation and not Destruction?  It seems to me the one and only thing that can multiply in this Universe is Love, and its inherent multiplicity is what we call Heaven, so it is my duty to put Love into every mark I make.  But this process does not happen in a vacuum, Love is not Love until you give it away.  So, All these words are here to tell YOU thanks.  For allowing me to be brave, to peel back the layers that hide my flesh, thank you for looking.  For sharing.  For supporting.  I, just like you, am a failure, and we can Love each other still, lets keep doing that, and I will keep doing this…


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