Invention Literacy

Wonderful post by Jay Silver on the true potential of the Maker Movement... echoing the themes of participation, agency, and claiming our power/responsibility that I touched on in my essay about the 5-week “Proof of Concept” ecohacker experience.

My favorite part is the bit about what he terms “Invention Literacy”… when we understand we can hack not just software but the physical world around us, to make it work better for us and for the earth.

“We’re going to create the future in our hands not by talking about ideas. So if invention literacy spreads the way traditional literacy has spread, let’s say we penetrate 95% invention literacy. That means everyone can understand the objects in the world and can create new ones. The world will be reinvented instantaneously. And invention literacy is the 21st century literacy. Even more than coding, even more than mathematics. The ability to recreate our existence.”


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