One I Watch: Robin Chase

Photo by @superamit
Photo by @superamit

Already awesome when I met her at last year’s OuiShare Fest –as the founder of Zipcar, which revolutionized the way we conceive of and achieve mobility for city-dwellers, and then Veniam, the technology behind a massive ‘network of moving things’ that can connect any vehicle, like a city bus or a garbage truck, to the internet, and an outspoken advocate of awakening to the dire need to do something about climate change — Robin now has a book out, Peers Inc.

Summarizing the economic shift that the book describes, she says: “if I can have real-time access not just to hard assets, but to people, to networks, to experiences, it means that the way I do my own personal life is completely transformed. I don’t have to do any hoarding. I don’t have to be worried about having stuff and owning it. I can start to rely on the fact that I can reach out and find the right person at the right moment. That dramatically transforms how you live. Instead of on-demand cars, it’s an on-demand life, in a much larger fullness.” The quote is from this lovely interview, which also gets her talking about privilege, parenting, and partnership, and managed to further increase my admiration for her.


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