Excerpts from Coming to Our Senses

How birthing takes place matters; how infants are raised matters; having a rich and active dream life matters. Animals matter, and so does ontological security and the magic of personal interaction and healthy and passionate sexual expression. Career and prestige and putting a good face on it and the newest fashion in art or science do not matter. Coming to our senses means sorting this out once and for all. It also means becoming embodied. And the two ultimately amount to the same thing.

Far more important than finding a new paradigm is coming face to face with the immense yearning that underlies the need for paradigm itself. This means exploring what we fear most: the empty space or silence that exists between concepts and paradigms, never in them. We are indeed in a system-break, and the temptation to stuff the gap is very strong; but the ‘road less travelled’ which is that of looking at the nature of paradigm itself, is the truly exciting and liberatory path here. There can be no healing of our culture and ourselves without taking this option, and it will not go away, whether we miss it on this ‘round’ or not. Nothing less is at stake than the chance to be finally, fully human.

-the wonderful Morris Berman, from Coming to Our Senses


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