Fan Letter for The Story of Stuff book

book-coverThere is little that’s more gratifying than getting a long passionate letter from a reader saying that the book you (co-)wrote changed her life.

Annie Leonard, whose book The Story of Stuff it was my absolute honor to work on, got such a letter from a student in Costa Rica the other day:

I’ve been reading it non-stop and it has motivated me to just say NO and follow my own dreams…I want to change the way industries work, I want to instill the known fact that we can live off clean energy and produce clean STUFF with a much smaller impact. I want to set an example of how we don’t have to be money slaves, I want to preach with my actions how life is so much more than going to mall and buy useless crap to impress ordinary mortals. You get the point. So thank you, Annie, for your fight, for your beliefs, for your tenacity and strength. Nothing has been in vain. Thank you, thank you, thank you! May God bless you and your family always.
-Ana Gutiérrez Heredia, Costa Rica


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