One I Watch: Wendy MacNaughton

Propeller: You have a real humane approach to w you draw people… Every person is important to you, yet together they create a chorus effect

Wendy: Oh, that’s such a nice way to put it, thanks. That feels very true to me. On subway or BART you could spend an hour looking at every single person and learn so much just by looking at their face and imagine where they’re coming from, where they’re going to, or what they’re thinking about in the twenty-minute ride when they’re sitting there silently. I love that everyone holds such incredible stories, each one of us, and you can look at a mass of people and be excited about what that group means, or you can look at each individual. I do love looking at people. I really like the lines on people’s faces. Drawing is an excuse for me to stare at someone for a long time. I’ve gotten good at drawing people in such a way that they don’t notice it, at least for a little while.

From a lovely interview with the artist here.


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