One I Watch: Favianna Rodriguez

I’ve known Favi since 2005 or 2006. Her art and activism has always been inspiring, up to and including her iconic butterflies in the Migration is Beautiful campaign, which draws attention to the stupidity that is immigration enforcement and policy in the U.S.

And then recently, my Collaborative Economy universe collided with the Favi-verse. When her parents found themselves at risk of losing their home in Fruitvale, California–Favi’s lifelong home in a vibrant Chicano community that deeply informed her art and way of being in the world– Favi turned to crowdfunding to enable her to buy the house (technically, to supplement the bank loan she’d been able to get, which wasn’t enough). She put out word to her community and had a huge sale of her artwork and managed to raise the money she needed.

Favi+Crowdfunding 1: Banksters 0


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