The New Story We Need to Shape the Economy (and Life)

I could not love this more. YES we need a new cosmology to replace the myths we’ve outgrown from religion and science. Yes, science. Here’s David Korten’s new story in a nutshell (though I really recommend the whole essay):

As living beings, we survive and prosper only as contributing members of a Living Earth Community birthed by a living, self-organizing cosmos evolving toward ever-greater beauty, complexity, awareness, and possibility.

Science now affirms that it is our human nature to care and to share. We are rediscovering the ancient truth that participation as creative contributing members of a thriving Earth Community is essential to our well-being and true happiness.

We are awakening to the reality that the only legitimate purpose of any human institution— whether business, government, or civil society—is to facilitate this participation. The purpose of the economy these institutions together comprise has an additional function: to support us in creating our essential means of healthful living and well- being in co-productive partnership with the other members of Earth Community. Any indicator of economic performance should be a measure of the economy’s fulfillment of this function.

Life is sacred. Earth Community is sacred. Time is life. Money is just a number. Money and markets backed by rules and an ethical culture can be useful means to facilitate beneficial forms of exchange; neither is an end in itself.


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