On “The Sacred Science”

TSS_Poster_LR“Eight people, thirty days, one journey. To find life, they had to face death.”

People suffering from Parkinsons, cancer, Crohn’s –who have given up on or chosen not pursue Western medicine– enroll in a month-long program to be healed by Amazonian healers. Each lives in a solitary hut in the jungle, entirely disconnected from life back home; eats local food and medicinal plants, and takes powerful enlightening trips with hallucinogens. Everyone heals, although not all of the diseases are vanquished. We watch as one tightly-wound, mean old man trips wildly… and emerges on the other side, laid-back and charming. His transformation was the most amazing to watch.

Of course people heal like this! Being surrounded by nature, with its infinite presence. Add to that the guided journeys with Mother Ayahuasca!!! And then the medicine from the jungle’s apothecary?!  Duh. But just because I think the conclusion is obvious doesn’t mean I don’t recommend the film. I do, highly.

Protect the apothecary! Protect the wisdom and the people who hold it.


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