TEDx Berlin, Part I

Photo by Dan Taylor

“Don’t think about talking to the whole room, to a thousand people. There is one person in that audience who needs to hear you. Talk to them.” That was Van Jones‘ advice to me, to quell my jitters. Apparently I reached the one, because she came right up to me after it was over. Then there were three, a dozen, who came (keep coming!), thanking me, confessing their own Zombie Moments, telling me I moved them. Calling me brave. !

I am floored. I am still reeling. The aperture of my view on this whole TEDx experience keeps zooming in and widening out. There’s so much to share about my own process… and about the other presentations and the beautiful bright people behind them (see Part II).

I woke up the morning after TEDx thinking, and then crying, about the little girl whose death forms the emotional core, the turning point, of my presentation, wondering if somehow we might salvage something out of the senselessness of her death… if the video of the talk, once it appears, spreads far and wide enough, to actually make a difference in how we treat each other in cities. Wouldn’t that be miraculous? I’m going to do my best, little one.

There was a Thank You slide at the end of my Prezi titled “It Takes a Village” with a list of names underneath, but the TEDx folks said I should cut it. So: thank you Stephan Balzer and Stephanie Igunbor and the rest of Team TEDx Berlin, Creative Commons, Rebecca Halls, Van Jones, Annie Leonard, Ai-jen Poo, Dan Taylor, Ole Tillmann, Benjamin Tincq/OuiShare, and Yue-Yue.


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