ImageSwarmwise (free download)  has been firing up OuiShare folks, so I skimmed it. Van Jones and I wrote a chapter on Swarms in Rebuild the Dream, describing both the Tea Party and Occupy movements in the U.S.

Interesting to see Falkvinge, the Swedish Pirate Party’s founder, diverge on one key point: leadership. The leaderless/leaderful nature of Occupy in particular was once considered one of its strengths (for one, no one spokesperson could be targeted and ravaged)– as explained in this great essay by Micah Sifry on the phenomenon. But Occupy certainly struggled to stay functional, so maybe Falkvinge– who’s clearly fond of the spotlight and his own accomplishments (ahem)– is right about swarms needing a leader.

As for the rest of his manifesto, he sums up swarm-power nicely. I particularly enjoyed Chapter 9 on “Managing Oldmedia.”


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