Slippers that did not quite fit

How exactly to describe the role I take with my clients? That was the question I put to my Brain Trust as I created my new website.

Today my work goes beyond editorial consulting and ghostwriting (spiritwriting!) with/for thoughtleaders, and includes offering my perspective on their brand, messages, leadership challenges, opportunities and organizational strategies. Plus reminding them to maintain balance and nurture their whole selves. Plus introducing them to concepts, strategies, and resources from other fields that might inform their own.

How do you put that into a word? There was fierce debate. Some of the titles the Brain Trust came up with:

  • Leadership Companion
  • Sounding Board
  • Strategic Advisor
  • Intellectual Drill Sargent
  • Narrative Coach
  • Soothsayer
  • Guide
  • Trainer/Personal Trainer
  • Social Commentator/Observer

I settled on Editorial Consultant and Coach.


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