the biographies of rocks : on Timefulness

The brilliant Ella Saltmarshe, co-founder of The Long Time Project, hosted a thought-provoking conversation with geologist Marcia Bjornerud, author of Timefulness. How can geology inform how we live, how we design our culture, integrating the dimension of time, especially time horizons that our current systems don’t honor? Humans suffer from short-termism, especially our politics (with… Read More the biographies of rocks : on Timefulness

Forbes interview #WeKeepUsSafe

Before interviewing Zach Norris, author of We Keep Us Safe, in Forbes (here), Morgan Simon describes the book: “he encourages us to redefine our notions of public safety — to not just include the exceedingly rare case of destructive, stranger-based violence, but to encompass both physical and psychological well-being, and the everyday, persistent violence inflicted… Read More Forbes interview #WeKeepUsSafe