Ursula’s Tentacles

“Don’t shove me into your pigeonhole, where I don’t fit, because I’m all over. My tentacles are coming out of the pigeonhole in all directions.” …We talked about the usefulness of whispering one’s writing aloud when revising, and how it somehow functioned better than reading at a normal volume, when trying to get the music […]

thanks internet

..apparently Knost mostly writes about parenting–parenting gently– with some Christianity in there– but wherever this came from, it’s just right for right now.

Taking the Golden Globes..

Among the 8 advocates&activists for gender justice who accompanied 8 #Timesup actresses to the Golden Globes last night was Ai-jen Poo, defender of domestic workers, and author of The Age of Dignity.

Becoming Prophetic

Feeling this, from this piece On Being: Endurance is what it takes to become prophetic. Like many of these startling Medieval women, an increasing number of us never had children. Or among those who did, those children are becoming independent beings. So the wild swing of changes in this decade can go two ways. We […]


Powerfully articulated by Rose McGowan, on the danger & potency of consuming products of Hollywood, where 96% of directors & 89% of writers are MEN, and 87% are White: My fight affects you in ways you may not be aware of. The images and messages you have absorbed from the MONSTER come from HIS taste, […]

How to be human

From this beautiful, heart-rending piece in The Baffler: The most common objection to the theory of the Anthropocene is that this era of collapse isn’t the result of humanity as such, but of the capitalist mode of production, something that emerges out of human activity but not for human ends. This age should be called […]

Snarky Press

There’s a new piece in the UK Guardian about “book doulas.” Is this a thing or is a marketing gimmick, the piece asks, and the internet being what it is, the skeptics are out in force. Ten years ago I left my day-job as a Communications Director for non-profits and dove into the challenge of […]

One I Watch: Francesca Pick

I’ve mentioned Francesca before, here after returning from OuiShare Fest 2016, where she and I led a session on Sharing Grief and Loss, and here, quoting her powerful 2014 interview with Sharing Economy thoughtleader Rachel Botsman. It’s no surprise to any of us who observed her holding the entire 15-country OuiShare network together with few […]

Oldie but goodie

From systems-thinking theorist Donella Meadows’ eternally epic essay on Leverage Points: where to intervene in a system: Self-organization is basically a matter of an evolutionary raw material — a highly variable stock of information from which to select possible patterns — and a means for experimentation, for selecting and testing new patterns. For biological evolution […]

Doula Shoptalk

Alongside her work as a facilitator, futurist, and author, adrienne maree brown (about whom I wrote more here) is also a birth doula, for babies. In Emergent Strategy she writes: Birthwork teaches us to engage tension, but not to indulge drama. It is another form of facilitation, making the miraculous experience of birth as easy […]